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{Friday, March 17, 2006}


by Fred 2:05 PM

{Monday, March 06, 2006}

Don't tell me what to do, just let me do it.

by Fred 3:09 PM

{Friday, March 03, 2006}

What happens next
Hasn't happened before --
Except that one time it happened --
Was it twice? Three times or four?
I just can't remember.
It's happening again.
It happens a lot --
Just this once (but times ten).
It happens to be
That what's happening now
Hasn't just happened along --
It wouldn't know how.
No, what happens next,
These days yet to come,
May have happened before,
But it's best to play dumb.

by Fred 12:34 PM

What happens next?

by Fred 12:33 PM


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