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{Wednesday, May 14, 2008}

Sometimes, no matter what you do...

by Fred 8:01 AM

{Friday, May 02, 2008}

The ground is hard out here, you can't get no sleep at all, and a man could get lost in the sky sometimes. If you start gazing you better hoof it up the block and see if the barman can't toss you a beer for a buck, 'cuz you're almost too late then. If you start thinking hard about anything at all, the philosophers get all over you like fleas on a dog, like children on a sled, like clouds on a rainy day, get my drift.
Don't draw their attention or you're in the grave already. Keep a foot free and your badge on your chest, you want this to end bloodless. See that man with a pistol, he don't care none for you or what you want out of today and he'll see to it you get nothin he don't set you up for. Cry Havok! Indeed! Totaled bodyshop wrecks piled off his urchin-breath kid, calling for milk and sucking on stones can't stop the flood, don't know what makes you think you can.
Keep it clean, keep it careful says the Activity Monitor, Congrats on your recent answers to our quizzes and surveys, next time answer 'A' more often or you'll get This! Buzzsaws and Chaingangs hang on the walls and careen carefully around the wainscoting, frozen mid-stride in ways that must make you want Shooters Poppers and Zappers. Don't try it, she says with her eyes even as she beckons you upstairs. Don't go, she'll kill you alive and make boots from your face. Oh, child, you're so far out of your league you thinks you got it made. Go back home and beat on fifth graders, they're so much more your speed.
We don't need you here and we sure don't want you none. Chime it, Freddy, this one's done, it's over and he don't have nothing else we can extract. Call it, toss it and tag him before he starts to stink up the joint or it'll be a long wait til the next one.

by MisterNihil 2:57 PM

Feebs just like Flime

by MisterNihil 2:47 PM


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