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{Friday, December 30, 2005}

The caress is filled with many scents, each one overpowering the other . . . yet they are all distinguishable. The memories flow; past becomes present. I am somewhere else. Someone is laughing. I return the favor. It is akin to being out of my body, yet within it at the same time. The paradox is not quite as confusing as it ought to be. The sun shimmers off the water, I am momentarily blinded and the laughter continues in the background, tickling my ears and soul. Again, I return the favor. The afterimage brings forth a new memory, one of pain and desperation. The shouts of panic are shrill and call me to a place I do not want to be, yet I am swept there in a cascade of private agony. I feel like an intruder. Death is in the air. And life . . . the paradox continues . . . I am weightless. My perspective shifts yet again as a quick gust of ocean wind rouses me to my current reality. I long to shut my eyes and experience what just passed through the very essence of my psyche all over again. But that cannot be. It does not belong to me any longer. I reluctantly allow it to pass through me to the sands beneath my feet.

by ArchHallJr 12:44 PM

Standing at the shoreline, I feel the wind blow against my face.

by ArchHallJr 12:29 PM

{Wednesday, December 21, 2005}

Today, I make my stand. Today, I assert myself over the powers that be. I have talked and talked about this for far too long without doing anything about it. I refuse to tow the line I have been forced to carry all these years any longer! Let others continue with their sycophantic gestures. I no longer want any part of it. It seems to me that one would be better served listen to their inner rage about what is wrong with the situation than letting the days pass by as though nothing truly important to that individual mattered. It’s all one big joke when you look at it. I mean, when you really look at it from the inside out. We are told, “Tote that barge, lift that bail.” And we sometimes . . . get paid for it! Well, la-dee-freakin’ da! Today the barge will NOT be toted. The bail will NOT be lifted. Not by me. I’ve had all I can stand. The revolution WILL be televised and I will be the poster child for it. Think you can stand in the way? Try me. Just do it and see what happens! It’s 4:59 . . . get out of my way!

by ArchHallJr 11:59 PM

It's not gonna be a long day.

by Fred 7:59 AM

{Tuesday, December 20, 2005}


by Fred 7:27 PM

{Monday, December 19, 2005}


by Fred 2:05 PM

{Thursday, December 15, 2005}

Sometimes it skips a generation.

by Fred 12:30 PM

{Tuesday, December 13, 2005}

There's nothing good about winter.

by Fred 2:13 PM

{Monday, December 12, 2005}

spiders in the stars

by Fred 10:52 AM

{Saturday, December 10, 2005}

I don't remember how Christmas used to be, if that's what you're wondering. Back when I was a kid, thirty or forty years ago, there was a war against Christmas and a lot of good people died. A lot of blood was spilled. I try not to think about those days if I can help it, and I'd like to think the past is now behind us. Whatever victories or losses that war brought us, whatever lessons we learned or failed to learn, they're over and done with nowadays. There's no point in asking about what's done.

So, no, I don't remember those Christmases, really. Sure, there were presents. There were sales, and there were discounts, and there was pasteurized eggnog flowing everywhere like rivers from a tap. There were carols in the air 24-7.

But then somebody had to go and spoil it and call it a "holiday season." That's how the war started, the first volley fired. That's what led to all the senseless killing that would follow. And you know, I think the truth of it is, that was maybe the worst of it. I saw a lot in the years to come -- brother pitted against brother, the snow-laden streets drenched in blood, young men and women strangled in their beds with strings of blinking, colored lights -- but that first "happy holidays" instead of "merry Christmas," that still burns after all these years.

Why? Dear GodTM, why?

I wish you hadn't asked me about it. There's no point in dwelling on the past. It was a terrible time, but...well, we won it in the end. The secular humanists were rounded up and sent to the work camps. Even then, some people said it was too cruel, but I don't know. Nowadays, it seems like you can't get a decent Christmas tree or sleigh bell or blacklight Jesus poster from anywhere but the camps. Somebody must be getting rich. So yeah. Maybe, in the end, we really did them a favor.

GodTM knows, they'd have just as easily slit our throats in our sleep.

by Fred 6:47 PM

Childhood Christmas Memories

by Christy 6:27 PM

{Friday, December 09, 2005}

the price of coffee

by Fred 3:06 PM

{Thursday, December 08, 2005}

alien fisheries

by Fred 10:35 AM

{Wednesday, December 07, 2005}


by Fred 3:05 PM

{Saturday, December 03, 2005}

Sleep is coming. I feel it as each word is read and I comprehend it less and less. Any minute now. Huh? What? Where am I? Oh yeah, reading myself to sleep. There’s the flashlight, the book and my neck hurts. Time to turn off the flashlight and set the book on the dresser. Time to sleep. Lord, thank you for today. It was good. Give me another day tomorrow if you would be so kind. Hmmmmmm. What did I do today? Was it worth the effort in getting up? I suppose it was. I got a lot done today. I paid into my emotional bank account and withdrew some. Yes, indeed. I think my kids are growing up just fine. I am growing in my job. My wife is happy. Things are all around swell……………
What? Huh? Is that light? Where am I? Dammit! Am I in bed? What are those fucking dogs barking about? Who’s moving in the house? What? Huh? Dammit! It’s morning already. I think. What time is it? 5:41? The hell? Thanks God! Let me get up an hour before I’m supposed to get up. That sucks. Wait. Did I just say that? I need a new perspective here. Hmmmmm. I awoke alive, just like I asked God. Thank you for giving me another chance. I just wish morning wouldn’t come sooner that I would like it to at times. How’s that for perspective?

by ArchHallJr 11:59 PM

Morning came much sooner than I wanted it to.

by Christy 2:07 PM

{Friday, December 02, 2005}

You're not like all the other kids, are you?

by Fred 2:02 PM

{Thursday, December 01, 2005}

Time travel may not be the most efficient use of company resources.

by Fred 12:41 PM


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