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{Wednesday, November 15, 2006}

More from the spam:
warlock on retainer

by Fred 2:35 PM

{Monday, November 13, 2006}

Russell had a theory, and it was one he didn't want to share with the doctors, but it was this: the cancer that was eating his mother from the inside, the disease that had started slowly in her lungs and then metastasized until, now, there wasn't anything left that a few more hours or days in a hospital bed would not erase completely -- this was all just a prelude, and there were many more terrible things yet to come. Russell didn't tell the doctors why he thought this, because he knew they would think he was crazy. He knew they wouldn't believe him, just as Sally hadn't believed him, just as his mother hadn't believed. At best, the doctors on his mother's floor would think he was distraught, overcome with grief...and there was that, but there was more. What Russell knew -- what he could not prove definitively, but knew, from hours and days hunched over microscope and slide -- was that his mother's cancer wasn't cancer, that the disease was more insidious and dangerous than that. It had happened to Sally, and maybe some of the others at the lab, and then to Russell's mother. And because they were designed to be invisible, undetectable, the nanobots in their bloodstreams were never seen, were not detected. It was only by luck that Russell made the connection: a late night at the lab when he was expected at home, an encrypted military file he'd stumbled upon by mistake. The nano-program wasn't even supposed to be up and running.

by Fred 9:13 PM

Some spam I got today:
the enormous weapon crushed her from inside

by Fred 9:12 PM


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