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{Thursday, December 03, 2009}

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

by Nyssa23 1:03 PM

A violent jarring awoke Rosie. She was in total darkness. She used her hands to feel about her, noting the texture of everything she touched. A velvet-like material surrounded her, it was actually quite pleasant to the touch. And she felt it - all over her naked body? How had she gotten here? And why the hell was she naked? The questions ran through her mind like wildfire. She also noted that she while she could not see anything except complete blackness, Rosie and her velvety perch was actually some sort of conveyance - she was moving! She felt the energy of inertia coursing through her body and - what was this? As she explored the interior of her transport further, she noticed places that were hard and smooth, like dried reeds, thrusting through the velvet in some places. Strange. It was all so strange. What was she doing here, she wondered again.

It came to her as fast as the darkness began to turn to light. She was dead! She had gone in for an operation. She had been administered anesthesia . . . she remembered people shouting, lights flashing, machines screeching . . . and then here. Moving through . . . wherever she was!

The light became brighter and brighter, but revelaing nothing about her. She knew through the locomotion vehicle that the spped at which she was traveling was increasing exponentially by the minute. And then she saw it! A blue tunnel ahead in the distance! It began to get rather clammy. She hit the tunnel - and was surrounded by water! She struggled to keep her breath as she started to swim upward. She swam and swam . . . and swam some more. Just when she thought her lungs would burst - she broke the surface. She could make out a world around her. She spied the shore and swam for it. As she made her way, she heard something behind her break the surface. It was her carriage? What was that? A giant hand-basket?

She pulled herself to the beach and lay there for a few moments, catching her breath. When she finally found the strength to rise and walk, Rosie strode inland for a few hundred feet, noting her surroundings. Volcanic rock and sand. She looked forward and saw a tall man with long, dark hair, standing on a promontory.

"Welcome to hell.", he said.

by ArchHallJr 12:33 PM


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